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During this 30 minute live internet broadcast you'll:
  • Learn how Internet video to mobile devises, tablets and Internet enabled TV's is transforming our media environment
  • Learn how Agencies are using live internet broadcasting to meet the President's Open Government Directive  
  • Learn how these tools are leveraging resources by saving your organization time and money and are reducing your organization's carbon footprint
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Understanding Live Internet Broadcasting & Social Media Integration for Government Professionals
Integrating Social Media & Live Internet Broadcasting is the Next "Big Thing"

Watch Live Internet Broadcast- Tuesday June 28, 2011 3:00-3:30 PM EST

The marriage between Internet Video and Social Media is transforming public affairs, government communications and stakeholder outreach. The next 'big thing' is integrating social media platforms with Live Internet Broadcasting to create the most compelling media experience for your content and meetings. Sponsored by Online Video Service, this live internet broadcast will be presented by leading experts in technology and communications,


  • Matt Hickey Technology Columnist The Daily, the first news magazine for tablets 
  • Jennifer Guestetic recognized Gov 2.0 Expert
  • Moderated by Tim Treanor, CEO of Online Video Service 



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